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Your data is in good hands with us, from address qualification

and address enrichment through to postage optimisation for

Germany and abroad.

We can also count complex database links,

individual programming and landing page creation

among our strengths.



We understand the term "mailing" to mean everything that your customers should hold in their hands. Self-mailers, enveloping,

foil-wrappings, catalogues, postcards, direct mail services, media mail.

We assemble our mailing lines depending on your requirements,

e.g. to drive camera alignments, dispense items via Pick&Place,

and much more.



Roll, sheet or digital - we will find the right solution for your requirements whatever the product.

Digital printing is experiencing strong growth throughout the industry.

We started with just a colour system four years ago and now currently

use seven digital machines to meet the increasingly complex database requirements (variable images, etc.). The "scattergun" principle belongs

in the past, today customers receive individual mailings based on their needs - the last holiday destination was Italy = image motif of Italy.

Your customer buys mainly dog food - then they are surely only

interested in products all about dogs.

Our customers are delighted with a noticeable increase in response rates

in the field of digital printing.

By harnessing the benefits, we can print short or long runs digitally

from 1 to over 200,000 copies! Just ask us!


+ manual activities

Would you like to send a range of items such as food supplements, posters, displays, product samples to your customers? No problem! We store your products and dispatch them the same day following receipt of customer orders. Automatic e-mail dispatch, reorder levels, automatic inventory management is our "daily bread and butter".

We already dispatch for German, American and Asian customers

all over Europe based on the best postage criteria.

In short: we store, pack and dispatch. Nationally and internationally. Whether it’s 1 or 10,000 packages.

Do you have an interesting mailing campaign that cannot

be processed by machine?

Our ladies from manual packaging are looking forward

to receiving your request!