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In a nutshell, who are Fulfillment Mail + Marketing?
The mailing professionals for advertising agencies and producers

What makes FM+M into a leading digital print shop for advertising agencies? It’s very simple. We are print experts for producers and a specialised print shop for personalised advertising – delivering strong web-to-print solutions for agencies. We also offer professional prototyping for packaging designers.
In other words: As an agency or producer, you require comprehensive advice that helps you to progress, both strategically and in detailed issues. We offer all of these things as your print specialist and expert print shop.

Digital print shop for advertising agencies

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is your specialist print shop for personalised advertising and an expert for high-quality printed products. What’s more, we deliver extensive complementary services such as web-to-print solutions for agencies or prototyping for packaging designers.

Unbeatable mailings – from the specialist print shop for personalised advertising

Mailings help you to attract new business and keep your current client base up to date. DIALOGPOST, special bulk circulars and charity mailings: Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers end-to-end services, from personal advice to dispatch.

Web-to-print solutions

We create print shop solutions with branded layout for your customers. With these services, your clients are able to configure and circulate mailings 24/7. The gold standard for dialogue marketing.

Taken to the max: Your savings

As a print specialist, we provide end-to-end services and optimised workflows. Starting with material procurement to transport costs. Professional postage cost optimisation maximises potential discounts.

Unbeatable prototyping for packaging designers

A leading digital print shop for advertising agencies, we are also a printing specialist for producers, delivering unbeatable prototyping for packaging designers.

We guarantee optimised results as a digital print shop for advertising agencies.

Collage für Web-to-Print Lösungen aus Monitor und Bleistiften, sowie Druckband in der Digitaldruckerei für Werbeagenturen & Prototyping & Web-to-Print Lösungen

You are sure to benefit! After all, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is the print specialist for producers, a leading digital print shop for advertising agencies and a recognised expert for printing personalised advertising.

Agencies need creative space and also require premium quality. Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is your partner to transfer complex requirements into successful results. In other words: We provide personal, detailed support and collaborate with you to create optimised solutions.

We are the mailing specialists and digital print shop for advertising agencies

Broadly speaking, we simplify your organisation to make you more successful and creative. At every step of the process, we perceive ourselves as your partner for the delivery of efficient and creative options that optimise your target attainment. You benefit at all times from our experience, competence and reliability.


We consistently deliver detailed and comprehensive advice. In doing so, we remain completely focused on our client’s goals. We are, for instance, also an experienced print specialist and mailing professional for producers. We join with you to develop fresh solutions that include all key steps, from fresh idea to dispatch or storage.

The following components epitomise our work as a partner for agencies and marketing departments:

  • Focused advice
  • Prototyping for packaging designers
  • Print specialist for producers
  • Mailing professional for personalised advertising * Order fulfilment & billing
  • Dispatch & postage optimisation for DE, AT, CH and FR * 50 professionals in production

Optimised order processing by Fulfillment Mail + Marketing, your specialist print shop for personalised advertising

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers data management for web and print, state-of-the-art printing equipment for digital and offset printing and perfect finishing for packaging and dispatch. You can also expect computerised logistics concepts, and we can even take charge of procuring the products or services you require for any special requirements.

And that’s not all: Other hallmarks of Fulfillment Mail + Marketing include highly qualified employees and unbeatably state-of-the-art machinery.

Special services for agencies

  • Data management, incl. professional data review
  • Joint development and production of advertising materials
  • Data transfer via protected uploads
  • Print specialist for producers
  • Web-to-print solutions for agencies
  • Prototyping for packaging designers
  • Computerised merchandise storage
  • Web-to-print solutions for agencies
  • Professional review of print data
Bleistifte im Vordergrund, dahinter Produklt der Digitaldruckerei für Werbeagenturen, otyping für Verpackungsdesigner und Druckspezialist für Produktioner wie auch Web-to-Print Lösungen

As a modern print specialist for agencies, we deliver everything you need, from prototyping for packaging designers to mailing production and efficient web-to-print solutions from a single source.

Your data & our services

No matter whether your agency prefers standard German DIALOGPOST or other dispatch methods: Fulfillment Mail + Marketing provides IT services that enable the smart integration of many different databases. You also receive national and international support. We are, for example, certified for Deutsche Post in Germany and La Poste in France.

And that’s not all: Fulfillment Mail + Marketing provides end-to-end solutions such as duplicate matching, radius selection and the vital deliverability check for your mailings. Moreover, our IT systems monitor your data and also maximises postage discounts in the interests of our clients.

Offset and digital printing for agencies and producers

In other words: We provide the best of both print worlds.
We use eight high-end digital production systems to print both variable and fixed volumes using toner or ink jet technology.
We recommend digital printing for requirements that demand variability and flexibility. What’s more, this printing method stands out for its excellent resource efficiency, as only the exact quantities are printed to match the current address list.

Overview of your benefits as an agency:

  • Database support
  • Certified for Deutsche Post, La Poste and others
  • Smart deliverability checks
  • Duplicate matching and radius & customer selection
  • Database programming
  • Professional postage optimisation for maximum discounts

Optimised services for producers.
Overview of the Fulfillment Mail + Marketing services:

  • Specialist for digital printing
  • Print runs from single units to high-volumes ranges
  • Downstream personalisation option for offset printing
  • Strict quality management for consistently premium results
  • IT-controlled address base in printing processes
  • Shift operations for fast turnarounds
  • Smart and lean processes

Online portals & address collection

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers particularly smart solutions for online portals or online shops with custom CI branding on request. These solutions also stand out with intelligent data connections and excellent ease of use.

In addition, we take charge of data collection and entry in your database. The data is collected in a cloud system to ensure strict compliance with privacy requirements.

Sustainable print services? At FM+M, this starts with prototyping for packaging designers

After all: We are all responsible for protecting the environment, so all services from Fulfillment Mail + Marketing adhere to this principle.
We are certified as a carbon-neutral print shop and take care to recommend and implement particularly green solutions at all times.
Our machinery also runs on electricity from regenerative sources.


Männliche Hand durchspielt in der Digitaldruckerei für Werbeagenturen den Prozess für Web-to-Print Lösungen, welcher wichtig für eine Fachdruckerei für personalisierte Werbung sowie Prototyping ist
Grafik zu Net ZERO im Zusammenhang mit Web-to-Print Lösungen, Digitaldruckerei für Werbeagenturen – und Prototyping für Verpackungsdesigner und Fachdruckerei für personalisierte Werbung

Overview of our special services for agencies

We offer special services for agencies and producers. We have compiled a selection of them here.
We would be happy to offer personalised advice. Just drop us a line to learn more.

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing uses state-of-the-art machinery and targeted methods to deliver optimised personalisation of your advertising media.

To do so, we offer smart workflows that provide optimised support and trigger important campaign chains. We can also integrate the in-house CRM systems used by agencies (or their clients) on request. This enables even faster campaign commissioning and status monitoring.

Today’s leading agencies increasingly rely on special personalised mailings, often in limited print runs. In this way, people who have abandoned their carts and also contracted customers can be targeted effectively with relevant images and text messages.

Programmatic printing

This describes an automated method of marketing in the print segment. It involves personalising print products such as catalogues and magazines as an optimised way to target specific recipients.

Mail automation
This involves the automatic dispatch of information to recipients. But unlike with automatic emails, the messages are sent by post. Automatic mail can therefore be sent to prospective customers who have abandoned their carts during the order process. For instance, this might be a postcard with pictures of products from the abandoned cart.

Ink jet printers use droplets of ink to create a printed image on a surface. Only the drops touch the surface, so the method can also be used to print on uneven or sensitive materials.

Ink jet methods are frequently used in the agency and producer sector to print complex mailings and also circulars. From a technical perspective, FM+M uses two UV systems with two 108 mm print heads each. UV fixing means that we do not require address windows or special ink jet paper grades.

We print addresses on virtually any surface and can therefore handle plastic cards at up to 600 dpi. The quality is similar to laser printing thanks to the excellent resolution. Our systems are equipped for Read & Print and can be integrated as modules into mailing lines. We also support duplex address printing.

The benefits of the ink jet method at a glance:

  • Contactless printing
  • Outstanding printing speed
  • Wide material selection
  • HD ink jet in almost laser quality at 600 dpi
  • 4c ink jet both with and without variables. 50,000 x 1 or 1 x 50,000

Enveloping? The word means placing in a wrapping or cover. During enveloping, individual components are inserted into an envelope.

To produce a postal mailing, we fold the personalised cover letter and insert it into its respective envelope. In principle we can accommodate a wide variety of enveloping options in formats from C6 to B4. Moreover, enveloping with FM+M can consist of up to six components.

We also provide optional camera alignment as well as Read & Print.

Another advantage with FM+M: Our seven enveloping machines promise the fastest possible turnaround.

More security for you: Our ‘closed loop’ service also provides particularly secure solution for enveloping and dispatch. It is worth noting that this also applies to components with particularly strict audit-proof processing requirements.

The enveloping services from Fulfillment Mail + Marketing – your digital print shop for advertising agencies – at a glance:

  • Formats: C6 to B4
  • Seven enveloping machines
  • Closed loop: for sensitive enveloping jobs and audit-proof materials
  • Camera alignment and Read & Print option
  • Up to six components

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing also offers film wrapping as an alternative to mailing in envelopes. This protects catalogues, brochures or magazines from the elements and creates a transparent look.

Also worth noting: Many of our foils can be used as shrink wrapping, which makes them hug the contents and improves the stiffness. Furthermore, our enveloping line can wrap together up to five components in film. In-line labelling or dispensing is also possible.

You want to attach your products or samples to a carrier?
These methods are described as a mailing line.

In these mailing lines, special folds or glues are used to dispense or attach these samples into or onto the ‘self-mailer’.

As a print specialist for producers, we use pick & place feeders to put your wishes into practice on the individual mailing lines. We can also organise in-line address labelling, depending on the requirements.

Special visual effects are added to the printed product during finishing. This gives the products a more premium look and provides added protection against damage.

As a digital print shop for advertising agencies, Fulfilment Mail + Marketing offers 3D varnish, partial UV varnish, spot varnish, coloured foils and conventional lamination using an AccurioShine machine from MGI.

These special services are also available for personalised materials or mailings. We also consistently achieve 100 % positioning accuracy thanks to our camera monitoring during the printing process.

Angebote und Leistungen im Bereich Veredelung für Agenturen und Produktion im Überblick:

  • Spot varnish, 3D varnish or partial UV varnishing
  • Coloured foils or conventional lamination
  • Minimum print run: 1
  • 100% positioning accuracy

Creative punching? To make certain that your advertising media catch the eye.

Good to know: In a print shop, punching describes the process of cutting both simple and complex shapes out of a flat material. In the conventional punching process, the punch has specially shaped cutting edges which are pressed into the cardboard or paper. Extremely elaborate shapes are also possible according to customer wishes.

Whether it’s packaging or sampling: Fulfillment Mail + Marketing punches your products in each print run entirely according to your wishes.

Overview of our services:

  • Punching according to your specifications
  • Single unit print runs are also possible
  • For packaging, mailing or sampling

Modern smart hybrid solutions perfectly blend the best of the print and online worlds. The benefits are perfectly clear: You can increase the response to your mailing and therefore its success.

QR codes are used increasingly as a tried and tested hybrid solution. They guide customers and prospective customers to special landing pages with personalised offers and order options to target visitors.
Another trend is also emerging: Prospective and current customers are sent print mailings with targeted information.
For instance, the print mailings may remind shop visitors of an abandoned cart and invite them to complete the order process. The mailing can also include a visual representation of the product and a descriptive text. Personalised videos are purposeful additions as well. They often feature the potential customer’s name on the advertised product.

Services from Fulfillment Mail + Marketing – your print specialist for producers – in the area of hybrid solutions:

  • Development of personalised landing pages
  • QR code on advertising media
  • Links to social media
  • Personalised videos, incl. development of automatic processes
  • Digital print shop for advertising agencies

Fulfilment is a very extensive service that encompasses all aspects of order processing. At Fulfillment Mail + Marketing, this includes, for example, storage, billing, packaging and subsequent dispatch.

In addition, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing delivers perfectly coordinated procedures such as our professional prototyping for packaging designers. We are also a specialist print shop for personalised advertising.
Despite the variety of our services and capabilities, our processes remain perfectly transparent for our clients at all times. In addition, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing can ensure professional handling of any potential returns on request.

Our key services in the area of fulfilment:

  • Order acceptance and storage
  • Packaging, including franking and dispatch
  • Optional returns management
  • Online monitoring of all relevant workflows
  • Various after-sales services
  • Print specialist for producers
  • Various web-to-print solutions for agencies
  • Prototyping for packaging designers

Loyalty cards are widespread, accepted and definitely popular. The cards help companies in particular to inspire enduring loyalty in their customer base and to optimise their customer management.

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing prints loyalty cards for agencies and producers, including a customised corporate layout and other optional features. We can also send the personalised cards to the end customers on your behalf.
Also worth noting: Various printing methods are available to print the cards. We are happy to provide personal and comprehensive advice on these topics.

Whether it’s cards, letters or mailings: Postage is an important criterion when sending items by mail. We understand this and use professional methods to optimise your postage costs.

We can reduce postage costs to a minimum by changing the format, paper grade and other components. But: First of all, you decide on the preferred parameters – and only then do we start the optimisation process.

So: We identify the most inexpensive postage prices for each mailing. In doing so, we use special software to efficiently identify the maximum discount. And that’s not all: We can use Deutsche Post and other delivery services to send your mailings throughout Germany.

We use our booklet finisher to process all products that also require stitching. Brochures, self-mailers, leaflets, coupon booklets etc.

Everything is possible, from small formats to finished products in A4. A camera is used to match fully personalised components (envelope + contents) in the saddle stitcher. Naturally, we also process pure offset preprints or hybrid solutions in which the cover is personalised and the content is static.
Self-mailers with flap are trimmed on just 2 sides and sealed in a mailing line at the end of the saddle stitcher using a plough fold and fugitive glue.
Our minimum print run for saddle stitching? Single-unit print runs up to a daily capacity of 35,000 A4 copies or 70,000 in A5 format or smaller. These formats are then stitched and trimmed 2-up.

Das Wichtigste zum FM+M Bookletfinisher im Überblick:

  • Saddle stitched booklets from one single copy
  • Prototyping for packaging designers possible
  • Offset pre-print or hybrid solutions available
  • Daily capacity: 35.000 copies in A4 format
  • Daily capacity: 70.000 70,000 copies in A5 format or smaller
  • Stitching and trimming of small formats two-up

Your call – our advice


Focused on your goals: We provide detailed advice on all relevant issues that matter to you. The quickest way is to give us a call. We look forward to your questions and suggestions.

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