Your print shop and mailing professional for franchise systems:
Fulfillment Mail + Marketing

Almost all modern franchise companies rely on print-on-demand. After all, your advertising campaigns and related services need to be particularly flexible in order to ease the strain on the marketing department. Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is your print shop for franchise systems, delivering highly flexible fulfilment services for franchises, including web-to-print.

Print shop for franchise companies

We are specialists for high-quality printing and deliver end-to-end services. We would also be happy to advise you in the run-up to your project.

Strong mailings

Perfect: Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers all services as a one-stop solution – from advice and printing to packaging and dispatch. Whether it’s a single piece or a high-volume print run.


Fulfilment for franchise & IT

Our powerful IT optimises your workflows, creates dashboards and integrates your CRM system on request. This efficiency pays real dividends and streamlines the organisation of your franchise structures. We ensure same-day completion of pick & pack and incoming orders.

Savings: From Fulfillment Mail + Marketing:

We keep the cost of materials, production and transport as low as possible. Our professional postage optimisation service ensures maximum savings.

Online portals & print shops

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is your strong partner for online portals and shops. Your franchise partners have 24/7 access to our print shops and can configure everything – from mailings to POS products – in real time. Nothing special – just modern.


Your company can reach more customers with print-on-demand for franchises. Here, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is your print shop for franchise systems.

Schaubild wie eine Molekülkette bezüglich Druckerei für Franchise, die Fulfillment für Franchise sowie Print-on-Demand und Web-to-print wie auch den Versandservice für Franchise anbietet.

We are your print shop and mailing specialist for franchise structures. You benefit from our expertise in printed products and dispatch services for the franchise sector.

Franchise companies place rigorous demands on organisation, storage, printing technology and dispatch services. As a modern print shop, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing delivers end-to-end services and state-of-the-art responses and solutions.

Strong services for printing technology and fulfilment.
From a print shop for franchise companies

Modern franchise companies increasingly rely on flexible solutions and methods that enable their franchisees to respond perfectly to their own needs.

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing has considerable experience in this area, as well as state-of-the-art machinery and processes to blend the best of the print and online worlds. With our services, you and your franchisees can control your own advertising campaigns quickly, effectively and efficiently.

This means you can draw continuously on the services of a strong partner for advertising technology who satisfies all your requirements as a one-stop solution. In other words: You can focus on your core tasks.

Print-on-demand for franchisees

Modern print-on-demand services for franchisees have become indispensable and, above all, really pay off in terms of time and money.

The FM+M workflows are incredibly simple: For instance, franchisees can simply order their flyers from your in-house intranet shop. FM+M starts production as soon as the quantity and delivery date have been selected.

From business cards to advertising flyers and giveaways: FM+M advises you, puts your wishes into practice and delivers promptly. We can also create and support the intranet shops for your franchise partners on request.

Whether it’s packaging or dispatch: We manage all services as a one-stop solution. But our fulfilment for franchise companies includes even more, as we also organise billing to ensure that your expenditure is completely transparent at all times.

Dispatch and print services for franchise companies

Sometimes it is cheaper to print large quantities and to use up the product successively. FM+M offers efficient storage solutions for advertising media and giveaways that are not sent out all at once.

Fulfilment for franchise companies from Fulfillment Mail + Marketing also means: We dispatch precisely the volume of advertising media that you order in the intranet shop. In addition, the storage of your goods, promotional gifts or advertising media is perfectly organised, and we keep you up to date with the available quantities at all times.

Gestapelte Broschüren bei FM+M der Druckerei für Franchise. Dies ist eine Maßnahme im Bereich Print-on-Demand und Web-to-print. Vorbereitet wird der Versandservice für Franchise.

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing: Your modern print specialist and provider in the area of dispatch services for franchise companies

Your data & our services as a print shop for franchise companies

No matter which form of dispatch you prefer, the IT department at FM+M can connect almost any kind of database. What’s more, we provide our services on the national and international markets and are certified for Deutsche Post in Germany and La Poste in France.

Whether it’s duplicate matching, radius selection, deliverability checks or custom database programming: We offer extensive fulfilment solutions for franchise companies. Our in-house IT department securely monitors your data at all times.

Premium offset and digital printing for franchise companies

As a modern print shop, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is ideally equipped for all areas of offset and digital printing. This enables us to provide customers with precisely the print services they need.

With out eight digital production systems, we are able to produce variable or flexible volumes on toner and ink jet basis.

Here, modern digital printing is an ideal solution for strict requirements, while still ensuring variability and flexibility. This printing technology also has important advantages in regard to resource efficiency. For example, it can be used to produce exact quantities to match the address base.

Overview of the benefits for franchise companies:

  • Certified for Deutsche Post, La Poste and others
  • Deliverability checks, duplicate matching, radius selection
  • Custom database programming
  • Calculation of and advice on postage discounts
  • Database support, including data protection
  • As a specialist: Print shop for franchise companies

Overview of our range of services as your print shop for franchise companies:

  • Specialist: Print-on-demand for franchise companies
  • Specialist for marketing, printing & dispatch
  • Specialist: Web-to-print for franchise companies
  • Lean processes
  • Downstream personalisation
  • IT processing of the address base
  • Shift operations for fast turnaround
  • Unlimited print runs, from 1 piece to high volume ranges
  • Dispatch service for franchise companies

Online portals, online shops and print-on-demand for franchise companies

As a print shop for franchise companies, we deliver smart solutions for your online portal or online shops that can be individually branded for your company or to suit individual franchisees. What’s more, data integration enables your franchisees to access services online and to make changes in their areas.

Do you want to integrate your current database? FM+M delivers end-to-end data entry services precisely for this purpose. Data collection complies with all privacy requirements and takes place in a cloud system to which you have the necessary access.

Print shop for franchise companies & sustainability

Protecting the environment really matters to us at Fulfillment Mail + Marketing, so we are naturally certified as a carbon-neutral print shop. We use green solutions as a matter of principle and recommend them to our customers. What’s more, we also run of our machinery on electricity from regenerative sources.


Laptop in der Druckerei für Franchise namens FM+M. Dieses bietet Fulfillment für Franchise und Print-on-Demand. Auch werden Web-to-print und Versandservice für Franchise auf dem hier abgebildeten Monitor eingeblendet.
Kleine gelbe Blume in der Wiese und Schild mit Klöimaneutral Druckerei für Franchise – das steht für Fulfillment für Franchise & Print-on-Demand sowie Web-to-print plus dem Versandservice für Franchise.

Overview of our benefits for franchise companies

FM+M offers a variety of additional benefits for franchise companies. We would be happy to provide detailed advice in order to find out what would best suit your needs and objectives. Just drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

With end-to-end services in the field of mail automation and programmatic printing, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers extensive personalisation solutions for your advertising media as a specialist print shop for franchise companies.

Modern marketing in the franchise sector increasingly relies on personalised mailings, usually in limited print runs. This is a good way to send variable text and image messages to prospective customers who have abandoned their carts and also to contract customers.

In addition, we organise intelligent workflows that guarantee optimised campaign support, including automated campaign chains. On request, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing can also integrate your in-house CRM system to further increase the efficiency of campaign commissioning – as well as to enable real-time monitoring of the campaign status.

Programmatic printing
This describes an automated method of marketing in the print segment. Programmatic printing is used for printed products such as cards, catalogues, flyers or magazines that are personalised for individual recipients. Doing so creates an emotional response, in addition to providing interesting content.

 Mail automation
Mail automation refers to information that is sent automatically to the recipient by post. This takes place by post, unlike with automated emails. Mail automation is used, for instance, to send a personalised message by post to customers who have abandoned a cart during the order process (usually with an image of the product from the cart).

Special visual effects are added to the printed product during finishing. This gives the end product a more premium look and, above all, helps to protect it from damage.

Finishing services from Fulfillment Mail + Marketing add eye-catching highlights and a very special look & feel. Specifically, we use spot varnish, partial UV varnish, 3D varnish, coloured foils and conventional lamination for this purpose.

These services are also available for mailings and personalised print products. Our smart camera technology consistently achieves unbeatable positioning accuracy.

Overview of our finishing offers and services:

  • 3D varnish, spot varnish and partial UV varnishing
  • Coloured foils or conventional lamination
  • Up to 100% positioning accuracy
  • Minimum print run: from 1 unit

The pick & pack segment has become increasingly important in recent years due to strong growth in online retail.

We offer franchise companies perfectly coordinated fulfilment and web-to-print services that extend from storage and packaging to dispatch. Everything remains completely transparent for you, despite our complex workflows. It is also worth noting that we can manage all the returns on your behalf as an optional service!

Pick & pack is a method of packaging that is frequently used for e-commerce logistics. In this case, the goods are retrieved from shelves or similar places and placed directly in boxes, instead of being removed from the warehouse.

Our key services in the area of fulfilment of franchise companies:

  • Order acceptance and storage
  • Packaging, including franking and dispatch
  • Returns management
  • After-sales services
  • Online monitoring of all relevant workflows
  • Specialist: Web-to-print for franchise companies

The expected postage costs are a significant factor for mailings. We optimise postage costs to maximise savings.

As a print shop for franchise companies, we do this with smart changes to the format, paper grade and other components. Nonetheless, our customers always decide on the precise specifications for all relevant aspects. Our special task in the area of web-to-print for franchise companies: To find the best possible discounts for your wishes and requirements. In doing so, we use special software that was designed to identify the maximum possible discount.

Loyalty cards are extremely widespread today and very well accepted. What’s more, the cards have been shown to help franchise companies inspire strong loyalty in their customers.

It’s really quite simple: As a print shop for franchise companies, FM+M prints the loyalty cards for you with the relevant corporate branding and adds necessary functions. We also send the personalised cards to your customers.

Even more dispatch services for franchise companies: We can also use a variety of technologies to print your cards. Simply contact us in the run-up to your project to discuss relevant issues. We would be delighted to provide personal advice.

Your call – our advice


Focused on your goals: We provide detailed advice on all relevant issues that matter to you. The quickest way is to give us a call. We look forward to your questions and suggestions.

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