Charity circulars, mailing dispatch and mail automation?
All available from FM+M for companies, associations and organisations.

Whether it’s mailings, charity circulars or mail automation: We are your go-to people and personal print shop for customer communications! Backed up with a broad spectrum of know-how for administrations, associations and the entire entertainment sector.

National or international companies, cinemas, theatres or sports clubs:
We understand your concerns and provide detailed advice, even in the conception phase of your advertising campaigns.

For associations, companies and the entertainment sector

We are your professional print service and offer special arrangements like efficient charity circulars and our professional mailing service.

Mailing dispatch & charity circulars

Use mailing dispatch and charity circulars from FM+M for meaningful communication with your target audience. We offer end-to-end services, from personal advice to dispatch.

State-of-the-art web-to-print Solutions & IT

A personalised print shop, FM+M stands for state-of-the-art services. We can, for instance, accommodate all your personalised printing and mailing needs – optimised to suit your online activities.

Best prices in unbeatable quality

Our modern processes and machines ensure persuasive quality and speed at best prices. You as the client benefit across the board.


Dispatch of customer communications & personalised print shop

We are your personalised print shop and a leading digital print specialist, so we can take charge of mailing all your customer communications.

A print shop for mailing customer communications, made for companies, associations, theatres or cinemas: That’s FM+M in a nutshell. What’s more, we are a personalised print shop for charity circulars, mail automation, dispatch and all areas of your customer communications.

Druckergebnisse aus Drucker für Mailingsversand als Spendenmailings von der Individual Druckerei.

FM+M is your print specialist, personalised print shop and also a leading digital print specialist for almost all companies. We love success! Especially the ones that our clients achieve thanks to our services.

Ideas need space, but also a partner that can put them into practice smoothly and efficiently. FM+M is a reliable partner for companies. In doing so, we always deliver personal, end-to-end advice After all, we love it when bright ideas come to fruition.

Unbeatable services – for companies from the business community and the industrial, agricultural and cultural & entertainment sectors

FM+M is far more than just a print shop for companies: We offer a comprehensive portfolio of professional services based on state-of-the-art printing technology. In doing so, we deliver all the services that your marketing department needs both now and in the future.

Specifically: Not only do we take care of production, purchasing or logistics, we also look after full or partial programming of online portals and shops. Overall, you benefit from our know how, modern machinery and powerful IT. For instance, we already offer particularly intelligent web-to-print solutions including mailing, which are very well received by the market.

Werbematerialien aus dem Bereich Fundraising in der Druckerei für Spendenmailings. FM+M bereitet hier den Mailingversand sowie Mail Automation und den Versand Kundenkommunikation vor.

Translating your goals into success: A print shop with a strategic and creative mindset

FM+M is a service provider with a portfolio that addresses all areas of print products. What this means for you: Top advice and support from one of Germany’s leading print shops. You benefit from our know how and best prices.

One might say it’s our strategy to help you achieve your goals as quickly, completely and conveniently as possible. That’s why our services include the dispatch of customer communications and other requirements as well. Our services are ideally designed for the following areas:

Laptop in der Individual Druckerei für Spendenmailings und Mailingversand sowie Mail Automation. Besprechung für Versand Kundenkommunikation.

For companies

From business cards to sophisticated web-to-print mailing: FM+M delivers end-to-end services for companies from almost any sector – for instance:

  • Insurance providers
  • Construction and electrical industries
  • Healthcare sector
  • Food
  • Metalworking, mechanical engineering & technology
  • Public authorities & administrations
  • Universities & educational institutions
  • Transport, logistics and the automotive industry
  • Gambling and betting providers

For the culture and entertainment sector

Whether it’s a charity circular or personalised invitation to an event: FM+M provides secure and reliable services for your marketing department. Our customers are at home in this sector and work in the following and other areas:

  • Cinema operators
  • Theatres
  • Media & publishing
  • Cultural associations

For sports clubs and gyms

From membership cards to Christmas party invitations: Modern clubs and gyms need comprehensive and innovative printing support in particular. FM+M has worked successfully in this segment for years, including for:

  • Football clubs
  • Tennis clubs
  • Handball clubs
  • Golf clubs
  • Swimming clubs
  • Hockey clubs
  • Gyms
  • Wellness resorts and hotels
  • and many more

Charitable organisations

Charity circulars and creative self-mailers are ideal ways for modern organisations in the charitable sector to recruit new members or raise funds. FM+M works with prestigious national and international organisations in the following segments:

  • Environmental organisations
  • Social organisations
  • Medical aid organisations
  • Educational institutions

Redefine and consistently achieve goals with the printing specialist and leading lettershop

Your data & our services

Whether it is DIALOGPOST or other dispatch services: We integrate data from a wide range of databases quickly and efficiently into our systems. By doing so, we ensure that your print products reach individual recipients in the best possible way. It is worth noting that we offer support in this area for both the national and international markets. This means we are certified for Deutsche Post in Germany and La Poste in France as well as for other relevant service providers.

You benefit as well from other smart solutions from FM+M – such as duplicate matching, radius selection or deliverability checks for individual mailings. Good to know: The data you provide to send out customer communications is rigorously monitored by our powerful IT, and we consistently optimise postage discounts in your interests. In a nutshell: FM+M stands for efficient services.

Offset printing, digital printing & production from FM+M

For optimised dispatch of customer communications: As a service-driven print shop, FM+M is ideally equipped with printing equipment. We offer customers end-to-end and highly innovative services in digital printing especially. In detail, FM+M currently uses eight cutting-edge digital production systems, which accommodate variable quantities using toner or ink jet technology.

We recommend our clients select digital printing for requirements that demand high variability and flexibility. Incidentally, this printing method is ideally suited for resource efficiency, as only the requested quantities are printed according to the available address base.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • End-to-end database support
  • Specialist for charity circulars, mailing dispatch and mail automation
  • Dispatch management for customer communications
  • Smart deliverability checks
  • Duplicate matching and radius selection
  • Efficient use of postage discounts
  • Professional database programming
  • Certified for service providers like Deutsche Post and La Poste

Overview of FM+M’s outstanding performance indicators:

  • Print runs from single units to high-volume ranges
  • Downstream personalisation for offset printing
  • Quality management for consistent results
  • IT-controlled address base in printing processes
  • Shift operations for rapid turnaround
  • Smart & lean processes
  • Specialist for marketing, printing & dispatch
  • Specialist for digital printing & mail automation

Online portals & address collection

As a recognised personal print shop, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers particularly smart solutions for online portals or online shops with custom CI branding on request. The highly customised solutions catch they eye with their integrated data connections and outstanding usability.

What’s more, FM+M also takes charge of data collection and database entry.

Sustainable print services? Offered by FM+M as a leading personalised print shop

Protecting the environment is an integral element in the services offered by FM+M. For instance, we are certified as a climate-neutral print shop.

We consistently recommend green solutions to our clients as well. Last but not least: Our modern machinery is now exclusively powered and run with green electricity.


Laptop mit Grafik Fundraising in der Druckerei für Spendenmailings. FM+M bereitet in Meetings wie diesem den Mailingversand sowie Mail Automation wie auch Versand Kundenkommunikation vor.
Grafik für FM+M als eine ökolgische Druckerei für Spendenmailings: Net ZERO für Mailingversand sowie Mail Automation oder Versand Kundenkommunikation

Overview of our special services for the B2B segment

FM+M delivers end-to-end services and lays a strong foundation to reach your goals smoothly and efficiently.
We have compiled a list of the currently most interesting services here. Just drop us a line to discuss your needs.

FM+M uses state-of-the-art printing technology and the right processes to ensure optimised dispatch of customer communications.

Our smart workflows ensure optimised implementation of your campaigns and charity circulars – using intelligent mailing dispatch to generate precisely the campaign chains you need.

As an option, we can also integrate in-house CRM systems used by our clients or their customers into the relevant mail automation processes. This enables faster campaign commissioning and provides almost real-time access to the status.

Personalised mailings with FM+M
More than just charity circulars: The focus today is increasingly placed on highly personalised mailings that require only small or very small print runs. Among their purposes is to send targeted messages with texts and images to recipients who have abandoned their carts or to current customers – and in doing so complete the sale!

Programmatic printing from FM+M
Programmatic printing describes an automated marketing method in which print products such as magazines or catalogues are highly personalised for individual recipients.

Mail automation
Mail automation involves the automatic dispatch of information, but highly personalised for the individual recipients. The information is sent by post and must not be confused with email automation, which is exclusively electronic.

A conceivable scenario for mail automation: A message is sent by post to a prospective customer who has abandoned their cart in the order process. This might be a postcard with pictures of products from the abandoned cart or a mailing with cover letter, which might also include similar images.

As a personalised print shop, FM+M offers the following services in the area of mailing & mail automation:

  • Specialist for charity circulars and other mailing forms
  • Advice and management of mailing dispatch
  • Smart mail automation
  • Complete dispatch of customer communications
  • Cutting-edge personalised print shop

The small ink drops from ink jet printers create a highly persuasive print image. Only the drops of ink actually touch the surface, so this process is ideal for printing both uneven and sensitive materials.

These ink jet processes are the method of choice to print mailings and serial letters. From a technical perspective, FM+M uses two UV systems with two 108 mm print heads each. UV fixing removes the need for address windows or a specific paper grade for ink jet printing.

Good to know: We print addresses on virtually any surface. This means we can also handle plastic cards, which we can print at up to 600 dpi. With this excellent resolution, the address quality is just as excellent as it would be with laser printing. In addition, our systems are equipped for modern Read & Print, which can be ideally integrated into the mailing lines as a module. We are also happy to handle duplex addressing on your behalf.

Benefits of the ink jet method at a glance:

  • Contactless printing
  • Very extensive material selection
  • Low printing costs (for labelling)
  • HD ink jet in almost laser quality at 600 dpi
  • 4c ink jet both with and without variables. 50,000 x 1 or 1 x 50,000

The term ‘enveloping’ means placing in a wrapping or cover. Broadly speaking, the process involves assembling the individual mailing components into a unit and then inserting them into an envelope.

To produce postal mailings, we generally fold the personalised cover letters and place them into envelopes. We can offer a wide selection of options in this area: For instance, we place components into envelopes in formats from C6 to B4. Good to know: Enveloping with FM+M can also consist of up to 6 components.

Moreover, we offer our proven camera matching technology and naturally our smart Read & Print process as well. Another advantage: With our seven enveloping machines, we can ensure the fastest possible dispatch in each case.

For added security: With ‘closed loop’, FM+M provides a highly secure process in the areas of enveloping and dispatch. This applies in particular to components with particularly strict audit-proof processing requirements.

Enveloping with FM+M at a glance:

  • Formats: C6 to B4
  • Enveloping: up to six components possible
  • Seven enveloping machines
  • Closed loop: for enveloping jobs and audit-proofing
  • Optional camera matching
  • Optional Read & Print
  • Specialist for charity circulars & mailing dispatch

There are several noteworthy benefits of mailing dispatch in plastic film: It is, for instance, an ideal method of protecting brochures, magazines or catalogues from the elements. The films also create an attractively transparent look.

Also worth noting: Most films can be shrunk to tightly enclose the contents, which ensures optimised rigidity.

FM+M uses its proprietary machine enveloping line to wrap up to five components. Inline labelling or dispensing is also possible here.

This process involves the optimised attachment of your products to ‘carriers’.

In other words: In mailing lines, various types of folds or glues are used to apply or dispense the required product samples or products onto or into the self-mailers.

As a print specialist, FM+M has pick & place feeders within the individual mailing lines to put your wishes perfectly into practice. In-line address labelling in the mailing line is another option we provide.

Special visual effects are added to the printed product during the finishing process. This gives the products a more premium look and provides added protection against potential damage.

FM+M offers partial UV varnishing as well as spot varnish, 3D varnish or coloured foils for mailing dispatch – in addition of course to conventional lamination, which we carry out using a high-performance AccurioShine machine from MGI.

All of these services are also available for personalised print materials or mailings as well. Also worth noting is that we consistently achieve 100% positioning accuracy thanks to our camera monitoring during the relevant printing processes.

Overview of our finishing offers and services:

  • Spot varnish, partial UV varnish or 3D varnish
  • Coloured foils or conventional lamination
  • Minimum print run: 1
  • 100% positioning accuracy

Your advertising campaigns will really catch the eye with creative punching from FM+M.

Broadly speaking, punching describes the process of cutting both simple and complex shapes out of a usually flat material. Here, the punch has specially shaped cutting edges which are pressed into the cardboard or paper during the punching process.

Extremely elaborate shapes are also possible according to your wishes and requirements. Whether it’s packaging or sampling: FM+M punches the relevant products or shapes in almost any print run and according to your precise specifications.

Overview of our services:

  • Complex punch shapes possible
  • Punching according to individual specifications
  • Single unit print runs are possible
  • For packaging, mailing or sampling

Modern smart hybrid solutions perfectly blend the best of the print and online worlds. Ultimately this optimises the success of your print mailings.

Now well-established, QR codes are used increasingly in modern hybrid solutions. These redirect prospective customers to relevant online landing pages, which then contain personalised offers and order options.

Another trend is currently emerging as well: Current and prospective customers receive personalised mailings with tailored information. For instance, the personalised print mailings may remind visitors to an online shop of an abandoned cart and invite them to complete the order process. The mailing usually includes a visual representation of the product and a descriptive text. A suitable marketing texts also provides another description of the products.

Last but not least, personalised videos are a good addition to the options outlined above. These short films generally feature the name of the prospect or current customer emblazoned on the advertised product, which increases the viewer’s interest. Naturally, there are plenty more creative options in this area.

FM+M services in the area of hybrid solutions:

  • Development of personalised landing pages
  • QR codes on advertising media
  • Links to social media platforms
  • Personalised videos, including automatic production methods

Modern fulfilment is a very comprehensive service that usually encompasses all areas of order processing. This includes, for example, invoicing, warehousing, packaging and dispatch.

As a specialist print shop for personalised advertising, we offer perfectly orchestrated and highly professional processes in this important field. Moreover, we ensure the necessary transparency in regard to performance status, enabling you as the client to remain abreast of the workflows at all times. It is also worth noting that we provide professional returns management on your behalf as an optional service!

Our key services in the area of fulfilment:

  • Order acceptance and storage
  • Packaging, including franking and dispatch
  • Online monitoring of all relevant workflows
  • Best web-to-print solutions for companies
  • Optional: Effective after-sales services
  • Optional: Smart returns management

Loyalty cards are widely accepted today The popular cards inspire loyalty within the customer base and help to optimise your customer management.

As a personalised print shop, FM+M produces the individual loyalty cards for you according to specifications and adds the necessary functions as well. We can also send the personalised cards to end customers on your behalf.

Good to know: There are several printing methods available, each of which has a variety of benefits. We are happy to provide detailed advice on this topic.

Whether it’s advertising letters, charity circulars or conventional mailings: Postage costs are always a key factor in mailing dispatch. FM+M ensures optimised discounts on your dispatch costs.

Postage cost optimisation is not magic, rather involves changing the format, paper grade and other components. But we can only bring these savings to bear once you have sent us your strategic, conceptional and design specifications. In other words: First you define the parameters – then we start optimising your postage costs.

In principle, we will always identify the best possible postage rate for your specific mailing. To do so, we generally use professional software that precisely determines the eligible discount brackets. It is also worth noting that we can use alternative delivery services and not just Deutsche Post.

For optimised mailing dispatch: With its cutting-edge booklet finisher, FM+M processes your brochures, leaflets, coupon booklets and self-mailers with outstanding speed and efficiency. The portfolio extends from small formats to a final format in DIN A4.

The booklet finisher is an important tool for personalised marketing, as it ensures quick and efficient assembly of print products with various contents. This is a streamlined way of personalising your advertising media.

Besides offset pre-prints, it is worth noting that we use the booklet finisher to process hybrid solutions as well, in which the cover is personalised and the remaining content remains static.

Also worth noting in regard to mailing dispatch: FM+M trims self-mailers on two sides. In a final step, they are then sealed with fugitive glue and plough fold on a dedicated mailing line.

Key facts about the booklet finisher and mailing dispatch:

  • Saddle stitched booklets available from one single copy
  • Hybrid and offset pre-print solutions
  • Daily capacity: 35,000 copies in A4 format
  • Daily capacity: 70,000 copies in A5 format or smaller
  • Small formats are stitched and trimmed two-up

Your call – our advice


Focused on your goals: We provide detailed advice on all relevant issues that matter to you. The quickest way is to give us a call. We look forward to your questions and suggestions.

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