Fulfillment Mail + Marketing – your print shop and mailing professionals for car and automotive advertising media – delivers strong services for dealerships:

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is your print shop for car advertising. As print shop for automotive advertising, we create all conceivable forms of printed materials for car dealerships, even personalised marketing mailers.

Car dealerships or chains with several branches need to inspire loyalty in their customer base, generate new business and provide interested parties with perfectly tailored information. With Fulfillment Mail + Marketing, you will benefit from professional advice and optimised implementation.

Print specialist for the automotive sector

We are your specialist for premium quality printing. And as a print shop for advertising materials, you can be certain to receive personal and comprehensive support. Without fail!

A powerful engine: our mailings

Whether it’s custom mailings or personalised advertising inserts: You will generate new business and inspire loyalty in your customer base. We tailor all of our printed materials precisely to the needs of car dealerships, from production and packaging to dispatch.

Dispatch & IT

Fulfilment Fulfillment Mail + Marketing prints and sends your advertising message or customer information as interactive mailings. Our IT department ensures optimised workflows, including data entry.

Financial? Unbeatably fair

We maximise the efficiency of material, manufacturing and transport costs – to ensure that you benefit in every respect. For instance by saving on postage costs.

Supported by FM+M: Online print portals

We are your professional partner for online portals and web shops. We build a print shop with your car dealership branding that you and your team can access 24/7.

As your print shop for automotive advertising, we streamline communication between your dealership, customers and prospects.

Druckmaschine vor Autos und der Druckerei für Autowerbung die Drucksachen für Autohäuser und personalisierte Werbebeileger und Werbemittel anbietet.

We are your specialised print shop for advertising materials in the automotive sector.

Carmakers and dealerships are increasingly placing complex demands on their automotive print shops. Whether it’s sales contracts or personalised advertising inserts: As a one-stop shop, we guide and support you through all the intricate details. We also provide state-of-the-art solutions for optimised implementation.

Your dealership & automotive print shop for car advertising

The modern automotive industry and car dealerships need far more than just sales contracts or posters. A variety of individually branded advertising media with linked online structures ensure the success of marketing campaigns and guarantee a substantial increase in revenue. These are all good reasons why Fulfillment Mail + Marketing deliver highly efficient advertising materials and online solutions.

Your print shop for advertising materials

From outdoor advertising and sales contracts to appointment cards and business cards: We cater to all the professional printing needs of the automotive industry and car dealerships. And we implement everything with strict adherence to our clients’ CI. You benefit from our automotive experience: For instance, we have supported prestigious car dealerships with our extensive know how for decades. What’s more, our services stand out for their absolute reliability, modern IT and consulting competence.

Everything to do with cars: Production and dispatch of personalised mailings and printed materials for car dealerships

Dispatch solutions need to be just as efficient as the selected printing technology. That’s we consult with you to prepare a complete concept that includes all the important details and is geared entirely towards a clear target: Your success!

We develop the ideal dispatch solution based on this simple premise. In doing so, we play close attention to the print run, dispatch method and individual mailing weight. The latter aspect is particularly effective at minimising postage costs.

Our consulting as an automotive print shop? Highly competent & comprehensive

Success is not a coincidence. That’s why we consider all of your issues and define mutual goals as a basis for tailored and professional fulfilment. We advise you in the following and other areas:

  • Selection of paper grades
  • Enveloping: Envelope, card or self-mailer
  • Type of personalisation and printing method
  • Postage cost optimisation and dispatch options
  • Dispatch scheduling and time frames
  • IT data transfer, incl. logging of returns
Druckmaschinen von FM+M, der Druckerei für Autowerbung. Zu sehen siund zudem Maschinen die Drucksachen für Autohäuser und personalisierte Werbebeileger erstellen. FM+M ist letztlich eine Automotive Druckerei für komplexe Werbemittel!

At your service as a modern print shop for car advertising

Our services as a print shop for car advertising

The IT we use connects professionally with a wide range of databases. We can therefore create personalised mailings and other materials for you. You can also rely on our national and international support. We are, for example, certified for Deutsche Post in Germany and La Poste in France.
Our professional workflows enable comprehensive and highly coordinated services that range from duplicate matching and deliverability checks to individual database programming. We also monitor your data and obtain postage discounts on your behalf.

What automotive print shop means: Ideal printing technology for car dealerships

As a modern print shop, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is ideally equipped for digital and offset printing. One might say that we offer the best of both worlds for your marketing needs.
In line with this, we use cutting-edge, digital production systems to print your materials in variable or fixed quantities. Our customers can also choose between toner and ink jet printing.

For a better understanding: Digital printing is ideal for tasks that require significant variability and flexibility. In addition, this printing technique has clear advantages in regard to resource efficiency, as only the required number of addresses are printed. We would be happy to provide detailed advice on this topic.

As your print shop for car advertising, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers the following advantages:

  • Support for your databases
  • Duplicate matching, radius and customer selection, deliverability check
  • Certified for Deutsche Post and others
  • Custom database programming
  • Important information about possible postage discounts
  • Printed materials for car dealerships, from single-unit print runs
  • In-house graphic designers for your mock-ups or adaptations

Overview of optimised print services for your car dealership:

  • Specialised in offset and digital printing
  • Specialist: Printed materials for car dealerships
  • Downstream personalisation for offset printing
  • Strict quality management for consistently premium results
  • Rapid turnaround thanks to shift operations
  • Particularly lean processes
  • Personalised advertising inserts
  • Our IT imports your data
  • Print runs from single units to high-volume ranges

Printing & sustainability

FM+M attaches particular importance to protecting the environment. We are certified as a carbon-neutral print shop and take care to offer our customers particularly green solutions. The fact that our machinery runs on electricity from regenerative sources is another source of pride for us.


Bulkd mit Würfeln und "Net Zero steht für Druckerei für Autowerbung, die Drucksachen für Autohäuser umweltfreundlich anbietet sowie personalisierte Werbebeileger. Ihre Automotive Druckerei für Werbemittelv!vv

As a print shop for automotive and car dealership advertising, we offer particularly comprehensive solutions

From printed materials for car dealerships to personalised advertising inserts: As a one-stop shop for car advertising, we deliver comprehensive services to meet the wide and varied needs of dealerships and automotive companies.

We have compiled a list of services provided by Fulfillment Mail + Marketing that are of interest to this sector. We are happy to provide personal and comprehensive advice on these topics.

Print finishing involves the addition of special visual effects to the printed materials. The products then look particularly premium and receive important protection against damage such as scratches.

We use a professional AccurioShine machine from MGI to add 3D varnish, spot varnish, partial UV varnish, coloured foils or classic lamination, which creates real highlights in the look & feel of your printed products.

These services are also available for personalised materials or mailings. Our smart camera technology consistently achieves 100% positioning accuracy.

Overview of our finishing offers and services:

  • 3D varnish, spot varnish or partial UV varnishing
  • Coloured foils or conventional lamination
  • 100% positioning accuracy
  • Minimum print run: 1

Today, smart hybrid solutions perfectly blend the print and online worlds. These solutions are also rapidly becoming the gold standard for dialogue marketing.

There has been a steady increase in the use of QR codes. These codes usually link to the matching online landing pages. The pages contain personalised offers or opportunities to place an order.

Another trend is currently emerging as well: Online visitors are sent print mailings with targeted information. For example, the mailing may remind shop visitors that they have an abandoned cart on the website.

Personalised videos are another effective addition to print mailings. They will often feature the name of the potential customer on the product itself. It’s obvious here: The creative possibilities are virtually unlimited! We would be delighted to provide you with detailed and personal advice on your options.

As your print shop for car advertising, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing offers the following hybrid services:

  • Application of QR codes on products and advertising materials
  • Development of automatic processes for personalised videos
  • Links to social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Personalised landing pages
  • Personalised advertising inserts

Whether it’s postcards, letters or mailings: Cutting back on postage costs is always a relevant issue. Our clear goal: To ensure efficient optimisation of your dispatch costs.

As the customer, it is ultimately your decision to select the format, paper grade and other components for dispatch. But we will offer competent advice on a prudent strategy for your postage costs.

We identify the most favourable postage class once you have picked the product you wish to send out. In doing so, we use special software to identify the best possible discount. And that’s not all: We can use alternative delivery services to send your mailings and not just Deutsche Post.

Today, smart hybrid solutions perfectly blend the print and online worlds. We have learned from experience: Hybrid solutions improve the response to print mailings and are now becoming the gold standard for successful dialogue marketing.

Already an integral part of modern business, loyalty cards are popular and accepted. As the name suggests, the cards inspire loyalty in current customers and efficiently optimise customer management.

As your print shop for automotive advertising, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing prints loyalty cards on your behalf, including a personalised corporate look and other optional features. We can also send the personalised cards to your customers on request. Fulfillment Mail + Marketing can draw on various technologies to print the cards. We are happy to provide you with personal and comprehensive advice.

Your call – our advice


Focused on your goals: We provide detailed advice on all relevant issues that matter to you. The quickest way is to give us a call. We look forward to your questions and suggestions.

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