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Strong services for utility companies
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Utility companies need to attract business and provide their customer base with precisely the information they need.
Fulfillment Mail + Marketing is a specialist print shop for utility companies and takes charge of mailing dispatch and
the production of personalised cover letters. Benefit from the professional products, services and modules we offer as a modern print shop.

Specialist print shop for utility companies

We are specialists for high-quality printing and deliver end-to-end services. We would also be happy to advise you in the run-up to your project.

Efficient: Mailing dispatch

You can generate business and inspire loyalty in your customer base with mailings and personalised cover letters.
We offer all services as a one-stop solution – from advice and printing to packaging and dispatch.

Dispatch & IT

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing prints and sends your standard letters, DIALOGPOST, bills or meter reading cards. Our IT department ensures optimised workflows, including data entry.

Maximum savings & efficient printing

We guarantee efficient services, from material and manufacturing to transport costs – and ensure maximum postage savings on your behalf!

Services for online portals

From storage to personalised dispatch of mailings or cards: We are your efficient partner for online portals or shops.

Optimised communication between utility companies and their customers or prospective customers: For instance with our efficient mailing dispatch service, including personalised cover letters.

Printing services for customer magazines, professional meter reading cards and mailing or production of personalised cover letters: Benefit from the full services of a specialised print shop for utility companies:

Utility companies must cope with particularly complex requirements in regard to dispatch and printing technology. We provide end-to-end support and deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Bill and transaction printing

Bills and notices from energy suppliers for their end customers no longer need to be laboriously folded and addressed by hand. Instead, we add the required bill details precisely according to your instructions. We can include additional information in your mailings as well. The advantages for you: Our services save time, reduce work and minimise postage costs.

You benefit from our experience: After all, we have been printing bills for prestigious utility companies for decades. In doing so, punctuality, reliability, compliance with data privacy requirements and expert advice are among the hallmarks of our services.

How you benefit from FM+M as a specialised print shop for utility companies at a glance:

  • Optimised preparation of your bills and mailings
  • Dispatch of mailings or self-mailers
  • Smart address corrections
  • Streamlined printing equipment for resource efficiency
  • Data processing, preparation and analysis
  • Decades of experience in the utilities sector
  • Overall: Time and cost savings

Our services for utility companies:
Advice, printing and dispatch services for your meter reading cards

We provide advice on switching your meter reading procedures to self-reading by your customers. Besides that, we are your reliable partner for all aspects of printing and dispatch.

We deliver particularly extensive services:

  • Selection of paper grades
  • Enveloping, cards or self-mailers
  • Type of personalisation and personalised cover letter
  • Additional components like flyers or self-mailers
  • Type of printing method
  • Secure data transfer
  • Timeline scheduling for dispatch
  • Logging of returns
  • Mailing dispatch

For utility companies: Dispatch of meter reading requests and meter reading cards and all other forms of customer communication

The main criteria in selecting dispatch solutions are efficiency and always the price. As a print shop, we coordinate with you to develop the most affordable dispatch solution. This depends firstly on the print run and secondly the weight of the individual mailing. It is worth noting that the latter can be reduced by smart production of the components.

Also worth noting: Unfortunately, the German DIALOGPOST services cannot be used to send meter reading cards as they do not have any advertising purpose.

Printing mailings? At your service as a modern print specialist

Your data & our services

No matter whether you prefer standard German DIALOGPOST or other dispatch methods: Our IT department is specialised in connecting a broad variety of databases. You can also rely on our national and international support. We are therefore certified for all Deutsche Post AG products and work with other delivery services as well.

Specifically, we offer end-to-end solutions, from duplicate matching, radius selection and deliverability checks to custom database programming. Last but not least: Our IT department securely monitors your data at all times and maximises postage discounts to your benefit on request.

Premium digital and offset printing for utility companies

As a modern print shop, we are ideally equipped in the areas of offset or digital printing and deliver the best of both worlds for your professional marketing. We can, for instance, print variable or fixed volumes with our 8 digital production systems – also on toner or ink jet basis.

It is worth noting that digital printing is ideal for tasks that require significant variability and flexibility. Digital printing often has significant advantages in regard to resource efficiency, as it enables production of the precise quantity that is needed for your address base.
We would be delighted to offer detailed advice on all conceivable issues and solutions.

Overview of your benefits as a utility company:

  • Database support, including data protection
  • Certified for Deutsche Post, La Poste and others
  • Duplicate matching, radius selection, deliverability checks
  • Custom database programming
  • Calculation of and advice on postage discounts

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing services as a specialised print shop for utility companies:

  • Specialist for digital and offset printing
  • Unlimited print runs – from single units to high-volume ranges
  • Downstream personalisation option for offset printing
  • Quality management for consistent results
  • Printing of self-mailers
  • Our IT integrates your address data into the printing process
  • Shift operations for fast turnarounds

Online portals & address collection

We deliver smart solutions for online portals with your corporate branding. Data integration ensures that your customers can log in online to upload information at any time. Do you require data logging – from meter reading cards, for instance? We offer a comprehensive collection service that transfers the relevant data from meter reading cards to a database and makes it available to you in real time. Naturally, data collection complies with all privacy requirements and takes place in a cloud system to which you have permanent access.

Printing & sustainability

Protecting the environment really matters to us, so we have naturally obtained carbon-neutral certification. We also take care to suggest and implement green solutions.
What’s more, all of our machinery runs on electricity from regenerative sources.


Lager mit Laptop – in unserer FM+M Spezialdruckerei für Energieversorger für den Versand von Mailings. In Tabellen werden personalisierte Anschreiben, Selfmailer drucken vorberitet. Hier handelt es sich um den Druck von Ablesekarten.
Symboil eines Hauese in einer Wiese, auf dem Symbol steht klimaneutral. Dazu bekennt sich FM+M als Spezialdruckerei für Energieversorger. Dies steht auch für den Einsatz in den Bereichen Selfmailer drucken und Druck von Ablesekarten.

Overview of our special services for utility companies

We offer a wide variety of services that are specifically tailored to the needs of utility companies. We have compiled a list of the most important ones here. We would be happy to offer personalised advice. Just drop us a line to learn more.

As a specialist print shop for the utility sector, we offer powerful services for energy suppliers and companies. Plus we can ensure smart personalisation of your advertising media thanks to our modern printing technology.

In addition, we organise intelligent workflows for energy suppliers and utility companies that guarantee optimised campaign support, including automated campaign chains. On request, we can also integrate the in-house CRM system used by utility companies to enable even faster campaign commissioning with access permissions for status monitoring.

Modern marketing in the utilities sector increasingly relies on personalised mailings or self-mailers with small print runs. This is a particularly effective method of using variable images and messages to address customers who have abandoned their carts or in other scenarios.

One example:

Postcards, mailings or personalised cover letters can be sent to potential customers with images of products or contracts they have placed in the cart without completing the orders. A process can be established to manage this and to send people who have abandoned their carts an automatic mailing after a defined period, for instance 2 days.

The objective: Your potential customers are reminded of products they may have ‘forgotten’. They can also be offered a discount or other incentives. Rest assured that we will find the ideal way to put your ideas into practice – automatically! We would be delighted to offer detailed advice on all relevant questions.

The word ‘enveloping’ means placing in a wrapping or cover. During enveloping, Fulfillment Mail + Marketing assembles the individual letter components with a cover letter and/or a personalised envelope.

To produce a postal mailing, we fold the personalised cover letter and insert it into the correct envelope. We can accommodate a wide variety of options and envelope your components in formats from C6 to B4. Each mailing can consist of up to six components.

We also provide optional camera alignment as well as a Read & Print function. Another advantage: With our seven enveloping machines, we can ensure extremely fast dispatch at all times. In addition, our proven closed-loop process provides a secure solution for enveloping and sending account statements. This applies equally to components that require particularly audit-proof processing.

The most important enveloping services from FM+M at a glance:

  • Formats from C6 to B4
  • Up to six components
  • Camera alignment and Read & Print option
  • 7 enveloping machines for prompt dispatch
  • Printing of self-mailers
  • Closed loop: for sensitive enveloping jobs and audit-proof materials

Today, smart hybrid solutions perfectly blend the print and online worlds. We have learned from experience: Hybrid solutions improve the response to print mailings and are now becoming the gold standard for successful dialogue marketing.

QR codes are being used increasingly to link with Internet landing pages. These landing pages contain offers and order options that are often personalised for specific visitors. Another trend is currently emerging as well: Visitors to online pages are sent print mailings with targeted information.
They may remind shop visitors of an abandoned cart and invite them to complete the order process. For instance, these mailings may consist of a post card with a visual image of the relevant products. Personalised videos are another effective addition. These videos may feature your customer’s name on the advertised product. There are virtually no limits to the scope of creative ideas in this context, and we would be happy to provide detailed advice.

Our services in the areas of hybrid solutions, landing pages, QR codes and personalised videos:

  • Creation of personalised landing pages
  • Application of QR codes on products and advertising materials
  • Development of automatic processes for personalised videos
  • Links to social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc.

The anticipated cost of postage is an important criterion for selecting a solution for sending postal cards, letters or mailings. Fulfillment Mail + Marketing ensures professional optimisation of potential postage costs.

Postage costs can be minimised by making smart changes to the format, paper grade or other components. As the client, it is ultimately up to you to decide on these aspects, including the dispatch method.

We can identify the most favourable discount for your mailing or product as a specialised print shop for utility companies. In doing so, we use special software that was designed to find the maximum possible discount. It is also worth noting that we can send mailings anywhere in Germany with Deutsche Post or other delivery services.

Loyalty are now widely used and generally accepted. The cards help utility companies to inspire enduring loyalty in their customer base and to optimise efficient customer management.

Fulfillment Mail + Marketing prints loyalty cards with your corporate branding and adds the desired functions. We can also send the personalised cards to your customers. We can offer various methods to print the cards. We will be happy to provide personal and comprehensive advice on these topics, even in the early stages of your planning.

Your call – our advice


Focused on your goals: We provide detailed advice on all relevant issues that matter to you. The quickest way is to give us a call. We look forward to your questions and suggestions.

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